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Am I The Right Candidate For Lash Extensions?

Updated: May 7

One question we often get asked by many women looking to install lash extensions is whether installing lashes is right for them.

Well, the truth is that when it comes to wearing lash extensions, the final decision rests with the wearer.

However, there are a few factors that, when considered, can determine if wearing lash extensions is a good idea (or not) for the wearer.

Who Isn't An Ideal Candidate For Lash Extensions?

Although lash extensions do not have any restrictions as to who can wear them if you fall within the categories listed below, then installing lash extensions might not be a feasible option for you.

1. Your Natural Lashes Are Not Much

The first condition for qualifying for lash extension is that you need to have enough lash hair. The reason for this is simple. For your lash extensions to stay on, you'd need to have enough lash hair to form a foundation for them to stay on. Your natural lashes need to be at least 2.5mm long before you can fix lash extensions. If your lashes aren't long enough, you'd need to wait some time for them to grow till they've reached the required length.

2. You Have A Medical Condition

Certain medical conditions make it difficult for you to fix lash extensions. Alopecia, for instance, is a genetic condition that makes hair fall off rapidly. Persons with this medical condition would find it difficult to fix lash extensions because they may not have enough lash hair for the extensions to hold on to.

Trichotillomania is another medical condition that can prevent one from wearing lash extensions. This condition is a disorder that repeatedly makes one want to pull out the hair on the body, including facial hair - and we know where lashes are located, don't we? Persons who struggle with this disorder may not be able to stop themselves from pulling out their lash extensions if they fix them on.

Nutrient deficiency can also play an important role in deciding whether or not you can wear lash extensions. Your natural lashes need to be healthy and strong enough to support the weight of the lash extensions that would rest on them. This means that they need to be supplied with the necessary minerals and vitamins that promote healthy hair growth.

If you have a poor diet, your natural lashes may not get the necessary nutrients needed to grow properly, and they may become too weak for your lash technician to fix lash extensions on.

3. Your Sensitivity Levels Are Extremely High

Persons who are extremely sensitive to chemicals may find it uncomfortable wearing lash extensions. If you are particularly allergic to the adhesive glue your lash artist uses in fixing your lash extensions, then you may not be eligible to wear lash extensions.

The irritation that occurs from your reaction to the adhesive glue used in fixing lash extensions can make you feel extremely uncomfortable or can lead to your face swelling up from an allergic reaction.

4. Your Lashes Were Damaged

If you use scissors or manual curlers to trim (or remove) your natural lashes, there is a distinct possibility for your lashes to get damaged in the process. Your natural lashes can also get damaged if an inexperienced lash technician wrongly fixes lash extensions. When that happens, you'd usually have to wait till the damaged lashes fall off naturally. There is no telling how long that can be.

You may have to wait for as little as a couple of weeks or as much as a few months (depending on how fast your lash hair grows) before your natural lashes can get back to their original shape and texture. And until that happens, you would not be able to fix lash extensions - unless you're eager to further damage your lashes!

5. Your Treatment Regime Does Not Support Fixing Lash Extensions

If you've recently had a surgery involving your eyes (such as cataract removals, cosmetic eyebrow lifts, or brow microblading), getting lash extensions may not be a good idea, especially when you haven't yet been declared medically fit by the doctor.

Chemotherapy treatments may cause hair to fall off and this can also affect the hairs on your eyelashes, causing them to shed. Insufficient lash hair means your lash technician wouldn't be able to fix lash extensions no matter how much you want them fixed.

Persons on specialized medical treatment - such as thyroid medication - may lose hair more often making it difficult to wear lash extensions.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Lash Extensions?

1. You Already Have Naturally Full Lashes

Since having an adequate amount of lashes is a prerequisite for fixing lash extensions, the first set of persons who are likely candidates for wearing lash extensions are those who don't have any problems with their lashes falling off. Having naturally healthy, normal eyelashes forms the basis for fixing lash extensions.

2. Working-Class Women Of All Ages

Once the first criterion above has been satisfied, the folks who would benefit the most from wearing lash extensions are professional, career-minded women.

Women are naturally great multi-taskers. However, if they get to save a few minutes every day, even if it's from the time they usually spend doing their makeup, then they can channel that time into being more productive. This is one of the perks of wearing lash extensions, especially for busy working women.

3. You're Preparing For A Special Occasion

If you have a special occasion to attend such as a fundraising dinner or a movie date with a crush, then wearing lash extensions is a superb way of leaving a lasting impression. You wouldn't have to do too much to pull off a stunning, glamorous look when wearing lash extensions. And you can choose from a variety of lash extensions and styles to help you achieve your desired effect.

Looking forward to your next lash extension session? We also are too!

Give us a call today for that professional, gorgeous look your lashes deserve.

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